Nero problem corrupted cd everytime

I have been using nero nero551015a for 2 weeks everytime i make a cd it always corrupted i.e. data cd. I am using a plextor 24/10/40A, But when i burn wid the old nero the data cd is fine. i wonder wot is it that make my cds corrupted on the new version. Ultra Dma 2 is enable, i tryed different ide routing but its same problem wid the new nero…

cya naz

Aspi Layer 4.71

Asus mb p4s8x
1000 gig ram
2 x 40 hard drives 1 linked up by raid
1 x plextor 24/10/40 A firmware 1.04
Dvd player
Zip drive 100 mb
Gefore ti 4800 Msi 128 bit DDR

How do you know the CDs are corrupted? Have you tried scanning the discs with Nero CD Speed for example? Could just be that, if you’re using Nero’s verify option, that something is wrong with the option itself and not the drive. Please report back!

Update your ASUS P4S8X BIOS with v 1005.010 and it should be fixed. (this is one of the (many!!) known issues with this :Z MB)
Note that this is a beta version, so use at your own risk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well when i burn a cd full of appz wid nero551015a , cd burns fine but when cums to install it corrupted disc, but use older 1 nero works fine so strange, my plextor plays movies fine and install stuff from their just this nero gives corrupted disc.

p.s. i will check out bois i don’t like betas aww.

any way cya


naz if you do decide to use the beta BIOS update then please let us know if that solves your problem. I can then add it to our FAQ so others can read it too. Thanks in advance!

hi game freak,

i have update my bios to the which i didn’t wanted to do but it did solve my problem i tested the cd with nero cd speed via scan disk on a 10 speed cdrw memorx 95 % good which in green and 5 % red unreadable, the file i tested to burn was actual nero installtion file, i will do more tests to double check to make sure

cya naz

Yeah please report back. Could you please also do some tests with normal CD-R’s? CD-RW discs are sometimes of lower quality than CD-R’s. Thanks!

I have tested all these discs on cdrs

disc planet
infiniti 99 min rarely use them only work wid overburn and set to slow speed
datasafe media

all worked 100 % :bow: tested wid also scan disk via nero cd speed

did tests on plextor cdrw worked fine doing more in progress

cya naz

Thanks naz. I’ve not also confirmed this issue with another person. I will add this information to our FAQ! Edit: added it to the Troubleshooting part:

[i]Q When burning a CD using the Plextor PX-W4824T recorder and an ASUS P4S8X motherboard I get corrupted CDs! (source).

A There is a problem with the W4824TA and this ASUS motherboard. The problem can be fixed using a Bios (beta) upgrade for this motherboard (check this thread for download links). This upgrade is the result of talks between Plextor headquarters and the manufacturer of the motherboard, but is still only in beta release available. It should solve the problem. Alternatively, one can disable UDMA by enabling the DMA jumper on the back of the unit, however there might be a slight decrease in performance (max 44x instead of max 48x). [/i]

Hi, I have the same problem with P4T533-C. (Based on Intel 850E) Any ideas?


i have the same problem with the board p4s800.

I contacted asus.
They answered me to update the bios of the cdrw and the motherboard…
What was already made and specified in my first email.
After one month of waiting I decided to replace the board

thank you… asus

That sucks…

But welcome to the forums jmbillemont!