Nero problem burning a copied copy, need help!

ok, i have nero i select dvd copy, then click burn. then it comes up to start writing and says please insert media that has more storage.

i backup up 8mile and its 4.3gigs, so it should work. I decrypted 8mile, then compress FULL disk with dvd2one, then burned it with copytodvd.

so i do not know whats going on, anyone else get this? i also have tried to decrypt the backupof 8mile with dvdcecrypter, errors on 98%. im stuck, help would be nice :slight_smile:

Try ImgTool v1.0.0.4 from here.
It uses the Neroapi.dll so don’t uninstall Nero. It is an interface that is very simple to use and makes perfect back-ups.

The problem is with Nero. It starting showing up around Ver 5.5.9.XX. After that version, it’s hit and miss. So, if ya have Ver downloaded, just use that one until they get it fixed! (I’ve been there too) :slight_smile:

Try adjusting destination size to a lower figure … say 4300