Nero problem - Burned CDs come out as blank

OS: WinXP Pro
Software: Nero
CD-Writer: Memorex CD-RW 2224 (2x2x24)

Ok, I burn a 666MB disc with just audio data. All files are in WAV format and burned as an audio CD. Burning takes roughly 35 minutes, and Nero claims it is a successful burn. When I eject the CD and re-insert it, both Nero and Windows claim it is blank.

Media is a TDK 48X 80min/700MB Data CD-R.

System specs which may or may not be relevant:

Intel 810 chipset
100W SFX-L Power Supply
733Mhz Intel Celeron

have u tried playing the disc in another drive or in a cd player?

Yeah, a Playstation 2 and a Sony CD player…doesn’t work on either.

Have you looked at it in windows explorer? What does it show the files as?

Are you sure you burned the CD and not only did a simulation?!

nmpaulcp: It shows nothing when I choose to explore the CD drive.

solaris12: Yes, not a simulation.

Update: Upgraded to Nero, and now it tells me that the CD-R I’m using is not large enough to hold the data. I cut down my files to 627MB, and these are 700MB discs I’m using.

cant you look at the bottom and see how much data you are actually putting on there? And I suppose lead-in and lead-out
needs a certain amount of data area on disk.

Plenty of space.

I would suggest using the cdspeed test in nero. And post the image of the results. It’s in the Nero tool kit


I didn’t realise the burner you had was pretty old. I looked at the Memorex site and it isn’t even listed in their discontinued data base!:eek:
I don’t know if you are familiar with firmware but you could
go to and look for “download firmware”. Find your model of burner ( it’s there, I checked) and download and install the new firmware. If it doesn’t work I would just invest in a new LiteOn!:wink: . Post back though i’m curious if it works!

Found my firmware, but it’s only installable under 95/98/ME. Maybe I’ll try to flash it on my dad’s box…