Nero prob. after Fireburner uninstall

I have been trying to copy Sims Unleashed and was finally successful today thanks to Philamber’s guide lines. I had installed Fireburner today, as a backup to Nero, well Nero did copy my Diskdump cue. so I no longer needed Fireburner so I uninstalled it… now I have a prob. When I start Nero I am getting an error. “The Win-ASPI file ‘?.?’ cannot be found, therefore you can currently select only image recorders. This missing file is one of the Windows 95/98/ME files. Please fix this and restart Nero. (error 16: no adapter)”… I did an aspichk.exe check and got this message “ASPI is properly installed +fully operational. However, no host adapters have been detected (oxe8)” … CloneCD seems to be fine… my OS is Win ME but I do not have the original disk any more. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate!

Nero uses its own aspi layer. If you re-install it that should rectify the problem.

I tried a reinstall of Nero, but that did not solve the problem. So I then removed the burner in the device manager, restarted, and let the system rediscover the hardware and that worked.
Thanks for the post Philamber, and thanks for the guidelines to backup Sims Unleashed, it single handedly ended the “battle for the disk” between my kids.