Nero Preventing DVD Windows Detection or Mount



I have a problem with Windows not detecting a DVD. The situation is the following…

  1. our application starts and initializes Nero
  2. sometime after that I insert a DVD
  3. after DVD light blinking and a significant amount of time Windows Explorer will not access the DVD, it never gets access to the DVD

Now if I comment all the Nero stuff from our code and follow the scenario listed above Windows recognizes the DVD just fine.

This was not a problem with some earlier drivers we used but is now. We switched drivers so the problem must have something to do with that inaddition to something with Nero.

Any suggestions?



im getting the same sortof problem.

i insert blank dvd, and where as windows would give me an option to burn DVD all i get its “blank “CD”” inserted? the nproceeded to fail burning etc

Ive been out and bought a new burner thinking my old was one worn out and still have same problem. For a “premium” product its unaceptable

:clap: well done Nero