Nero presents Nero PhotoShow Elite

I just posted the article Nero presents Nero PhotoShow Elite.

 From the Ahead webpage: This  exciting photo management application provides digital camera users with a  comprehensive set of photo editing tools with unprecedented ease. Users can  capture,...
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Tried this last night. The installer couldn’t contact and couldn’t complete the installation process. Go figure. Another screwed up release from Ahead. :d BTW, where is Photoshow Express? That’s supposed to be free for current Nero owners right. :frowning:

Damn, that sucks. I want to try this software. I have Photoshop Elements and really like it. But, it is a pain to remove red eye. A common occurence with my digital camera. Picasa does a good job at 29 bucks, but this proram does more. Maybe I will see if it will download tonite. BTW Nero6 ultra edition can be upgraded to the reloaded version for free. It has photoshow express.
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The question is, Where is Nero 6 Ultra Reloaded? It was supposed to be available on 8 June but I still can’t find it. :frowning:

I searched their website. Is there a limit to the number of pictures one can burn to a vcd? If I remember, Nero only allowed 99 pictures… Regards, Prox

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Due to high traffic, it was not available. However, it is now operational and you should be able to download and try the trial version of Nero Photoshow Elite.

There is a limit to 99 pictures per slideshow. However, with Nero Vision Express 2, you are able to add more than one slideshow per disc. The only limit you have to how many pictures per disc is the disc’s capacity. :slight_smile:

As of 8pm mountain time tonite, I was able to download the proggie. :X

Thanks for the info djkoo19 Regards, Prox