Nero pioneer dvr-104 error message

i am trying to burn an image with nero. i have a pioneer dvr-104 and i seem to get an error message stating “communication failure”. other forums have stated that it is a udma issue. when i attempt to disable udma in the bios, once i save the settings, the system reboots and the burner resets itself to udma 2, instead of disable how i had saved it. can anyone please HELP!!! Is there a way to disable it in the operating system, im running windows xp pro.

You need to disable DMA in Windows, not in the BIOS…

alexnoe… disable DMA work for u ?
I need to test when i get home.

I only know about one single case where disabling DMA did not work, this was on a Abit KT7A mainboard.

On my current system, DMA works with my DVR-A03. On my former system (was an iBX440 chipset), DMA did not work, but PIO4 mode worked even with 2x writing.

hummm can u tell me where i can disable the DMA !
Thx a lot for ur help

Depends on your OS…but disabling is done in the same dialogs as enabling:

Thx almost time to get home and test it :wink:

this is what you need to do in order to disable dma. i thought it was done in the bios, but it is actually performed in windows. go to start/settings/controlpanel/system/devicemangler and under ide controllers go to properties then settings and you should have the option to either use PIO mode or udma, if you are having a problem with a pioneer dvr-104, then go with PIO mode, solved my problems.