Nero Patent Activation

I kept getting this persistent Nero Patent Activation wizard approaching, now since its linked to an EXE file located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\Shared\NL3\NeroPatentActivation.EXE, I renamed the file to .BAK. EXE files have to have a link or registry entry to tell them when to execute and have a reference point. I manually altered the Registry to remove all reference to this file. Since then no annoying popup or nag screen has appeared. Simple but effective.

And yes, you used a pirated serial number… :smiley:

:confused: this doesn’t work.even after renaming it to bak.exe. it has a description as nero patent.exe which can’t be changed.:(:sad:

nonsense it cant be changed.

Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\AdvrCntr4

look for the following files


hit F2 to modify file names, and add .old to the file extensions. There you’re done, patent activation window will no longer appear.

Note, the method described above is valid for nero 9

But why would you even want to do this is you have bought the software. I hope this doesnt lead lead anyone to use " cracked software because we dont approve of that. I hope I make myself clear.:wink: