Nero overburning help!

Finally received my 99min CDR’s but now I can not get overburn to be recognized.

Laptop is IBM T30 with Teac DW-28E combo CD-RW/DVD drive. Nero’s site lists this drive Overburn capable (, but when I bring up the Recorder -> Choose Recorder window it says Overburn: Not supported. I also just upgraded to latest version, Nero

Any ideas why the disconnect? I would assume the Choose Recorder window is correct and the site is not?


Have you enabled overburning in Nero options?


That drive can’t overburn, although the Nero site says that it can… :o
Try DAO96 mode, but…

overburning is enabled in options. I’ll give it a shot tonight, but am not too optimistic. Was hoping to make a Enhanced/EXTRA CD that went over 700MB with the data.

There are some generic 99 min disc, (and they are now the most common) that will not work well or not at all with Nero. You can try to reduce the burn speed to 4X and that might fix the problem or you can do what I did and get a copy of CDRWIN 5X by Padus, not the 3x version by goldenHawk The Padus Version burned 841 megs without even making a singe adjustment, just inserted disc and it burned flawlessly.

Ihave Nero 5.5 too and my problem is not using that when using Real Player to do the burning it will not reconize the 100 minute CDR.

Can someone help?


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