Nero - overburn process o.k. - verify error - disc unreadable

Hi there,

Is there anyone out there who can solve my overburning problem? When I’m using nero to overburn discs, the burning process is succesful but the disc fails verification. It says ‘read error’ at about 760MB. When I try to open the file (avi movie file; for example 770MB on a 800MB disc) it just starts spinning slow fast slow fast etc.
However, when I burn 720MB on a 800MB disc, about 50% of burned discs IS succesful (at one time I burned 780MB succesfully with cdrwin 5; but I never again produced another working disc with cdrwin).

I tried using Disc Juggler and CDRWIN, but these programs proved to be less succesful than Nero.

Here are my specs:
Desktop: Packard Bell 7200i which had a built in Goldstar CED-8080B with Firmware v1.03.
I’m using Nero and 90/99min cd’s.

ASPI drivers: wnaspi32.dll, winaspi.dll, apix.vxd, aspienum.vxd are all version 4.60.

I have tried upgrading the firmware for the writer (version 1.07) but that only resulted in changing the LED color). Now I’ve downgraded my firmware to 1.01 from the LGE site (as I forgot to save my original firmware; but it’s about the same as 1.03).

According to any table the Goldstar (LG) CED-8080B should be able to overburn to at least 99 min.
I’m burning at 8x, and overburning at 2x and 4x.

Is there anyone who knows why I can’t access these large overburned files? Is it the firmware, the software…??? Am I missing something here?

Thanks for helping me out,


90 and 99 minute CDR’s are an accident waiting for a place to happen. They are inherently low in quality as a result of violating specified manufacturing limits established for CDR’s. They have been marketed to the public as if they were reliable. They are not.

See the articles at About 90 minute CDR’s

and Where can I find the new 90 minute CD-R discs?

Some may be luckier than others to get some use and readability from these discs. These discs are a poor choice for interchangibility with other drives and anything other than short term hobby use.

If you insist on using these discs, you might try a different brand and see if your luck improves.


Thanks for the info. It hadn’t ocurred to me that it could be the cd’s. I would think that if the cd is crappy, the read errors could be anywhere on the disc, but it always seems to be at about 740MB.

I’ll try a different brand though, I hope it’s that easy. Thanks for posting.