Nero overburn patch

I just posted the article Nero overburn patch….

Submitted by: Nikanj

Hi, do you ha ve a writer which is capable of overburning(like mitsumi 4804) but Nero doesn’t know that. Try this patch!


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This works for me. It activates Overburn. But this regedit you posted has some errors. Here is it corrected.


[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareaheadNero - Burning RomGeneral]

I’d also like to know how to activate the CD-Text feature, the Mitsumi CDR can do this, too.

Heee…tried it, but didn’t get it it.
Regedit4, is a wrong command!
How do i put in the line ?
Should i save it first as *.reg ?? Please help me out?

In Windows, click on START, then Execute…
Type regedit and you’ll be able to edit the registry. Don’t change anything except the lines from the patch given in this page.Hope it helps !

“oops” reminder-to-self don’t post when you have stayed up over 48h…Sorry for the typos, but i bet you got the idea…

Simply download this Reg patch: (from my FTP) CU there!

I don’t know anything about Reg editing —> my example was an false .reg data and I just correctet it until it worked @ my just installed sys!