Nero over burning

has anyone had success in burning a 715Mb ISO onto a disk of larger capacity than your regular 700Mb disks

i have these disks that claim to be 99min 870Mb, some brand called SMARTDisc and i am using a Gigabyte GO W0808A its a re badged liteon drive

in nero you can set the overburn capacity to what ever you want
but it still tells me the disk’s i am inserting are only 700Mb capacity

roxio 6; red burn button doesnt light up

am i missing something or is it a physical incapability of the drive?

any help would be greatly appreciated :bow:

Try a different media.

With the latest versions of Nero, try enabling short lead-out support. It will get you an extra 12MB. Depending upon whether your 715MB file is MB=1,000,000 or MB=1,024,xxx you might be able to put it on a normal 700MB/80 min disc without any overburning at all.

ok i got it to work
i set the overburn to 84 minutes instead of 99
so i guess nero just burnt 715Mb onto it as if it was overburning on a 700Mb disk
because it still detelcted it as a 700Mb disk, not 870Mb like it says it is
so i take it from your replies there is not much support for overburning in nero
its pretty much hit and miss

I just did an overburn of 706 MB unto a 700 mb disc in Nero 6. I unchecked the option “check for correct disc format before burning” and I did check of the “enable generation of short lead-out”. And I think you have to check “disc at one” instead of “track at once” during the last step.

Looks like not much has changed since March 2005 then…That’s when the post you responded to was last updated…