Nero or RSJ?



I need to implement CD-burning function in my program
(Windows XP, Visual C++ 6). I don’t need something special, just
exporting of some files to CD. Exporting is done using CopyFile,
CD burning software should create drive for this (to make it
transparent for a program). Currently I am testing the trial
versions of Nero and RSJ. I need an advice to make a right choice.

This is what I have for now:
Nero - has a good SDK for C++ programmers. Supports newest
CD drives. However, I need a quick and simple implementation,
and NERO SDK looks complicated. Doesn’t create virtual drive (like
Adaptec/Roxio Direct CD). This is not transparent for the program.

RSJ - looks very simple, I like it. Gives SDK which controls
mounting and ejecting of CD media. All other CD-burning
operations are transparent for the programmer (just use
CopyFile). Supports newest CD drives. But this company is not so
famous as Nero (at least, I didn’t hear about it before). It’s
impossible to be 100% safe, but I don’t want to buy a program
and see after number of months that the company is closed or
stopped supporting of this product.

Additional requirement: I need to make CD which are readable
not only on PC. For example, Adaptec/Roxio Direct CD produces
CD which are not readable on MAC. Adaptec/Roxio CD Creator
produces CD which is readable both on PC and MAC.