Nero or Roxio

i am very much confused.
Which one is better nero or roxio emc8
i read many reviews of both buth still at no no conclusion.
i read somewhere that roxio has many bugs and is made so as to not to copy protected cds/dvds.
is all this true?
Which one is better?
Plz hlp

I think most people would say go with Nero. I personally think Nero is better.

Personally I’d stick at Nero v6 and Roxio v7.5 & ignore Nero 7 & Roxio 8.

I use both Nero ( & Roxio (7.5) and each has it’s better points and both seem bug free.

It depends where your emphasis is and what you’ll do most of.

I don’t have either of theese products. But I read somewhere on the internet, that 500 MB of hard disc space is required for a typical installation of all components of Nero 6. This seems to be a lot. But I don’t know whether Roxio is better concerning this matter.

And nobody else mentioned it, but I’ll spell this out for you, neither Roxio 8 or Nero 7 will copy protected CDs & DVDs. You’ll need another program to do that.

so are u sugesting that both are almost equal
which is the best product then ?
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