Nero ... or is there better?

I need some help with choosing what software to use. I’m not a techie, so hang with me on this.

I record programs on a Panasonic standalone recorder, currently using a DMREH50. The program length can vary but are mostly around 2 and 1/2 hours in length. I record these at Panasonic’s highest quality, XP mode. I put them on three discs as its about 11 gig of data.

Occasionally, I get asked for copies of my programs and when I copy them I like to reduce them to two discs.

And when I recode them, I need to write a menu.

What is the best software for this ?

I’ve used Nero in the past, but to be frank its not working for me. I get multiple errors of differing problems.

What I really need is the menu writing capability of NVE. Is there anything out there easier to use?

Thanks for all responses, and ideas are much appreciated.

There are so many choices for burning software; I believe Nero is more commonly used than others.

Well, I’m also not happy with the quality of discs produced using NVE. I was just hoping to get some ideas on software that would help me write menus.

I don’t understand why NVE tells me my project is too large for a 4.7 disc and it has to reduce the quality … and my project will only be in the 3 gig range.

There’s gotta be better and easier.