Nero or Imgburn

I have Verbatim DVD +R DLs and I want to know which software to burn with. I have Nero 7. Should I stick with that, or go with Imgburn, I c a lot of you guys use that. Thanks

Imgburn, Booktype the DvD+R DL to DvD-Rom.

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Ner0 = Zer0. It doesn’t even set the layer break properly on DL disks.


ImgBurn for DL.

No question ImgBurn. Its the best.:clap:

Sonic the hedge hog!

OH had to be different :smiley: Imgburn is way better of the two.

ImgBurn FTW

Wow, I’m surprised how unianimous IMGburn was, ok I gues I’ll download it. I \can take a hint…lol.

Would that be the best for regular DVD+Rs as well?

It will do DVD+R’s as well but it will not take a commercial DVD and allow it to fit on DVD-R or DVD+R you’ll need to shrink it to do that. Imgburn will do DVD+R DL’s though just fine.

Two great features, RiccioRules, are that ImgBurn is free (of course you can donate if you like) and does not take 100Mb to download like Ner0.


For the best compatible scenario booktype the + media to DvD-Rom.

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6.6 updated all the way, no InCD = 286MBs. That what the Ahead file is in my program files on the XP side.

thanks guys, just burned a DVD with IMGBurn, I’ll let you know how it plays

I use ImgBurn all the time.

I haven’t used Nero in years but i do use Nero CD-DVD Speed which is free for quality scans and to burn .iso and .nrg with.

Yes there is life without Nero :iagree: and life is good.


To be fair, I have Recode installed. It does pretty well at compression. However, I ALWAYS burn the output with ImgBurn. ImgBurn build mode allows you to burn just about anything. The only thing missing is audio cd’s and I BELIEVE LUK may be adding that in a future release. (Not sure about that…I just recall seeing something mentioned about that) I own a lifetime license for all VSO software and I still prefer to use ImgBurn over CopyToDVD. That should tell you just how good it is. :slight_smile: