Nero/Optiarc won't recognize RITEKP01 media

Hi folks… I’m having a problem with a particular batch of media, and would like to lean on your tender mercies. I’m usually pretty good at diagnosing these problems by perusing forums like CD Freaks… but not this time

The media is Ritek DVD-R DL (RITEKP01). I know now that it’s not particularly well-regarded here, but I didn’t know that when I took advantage of what I thought was a good deal. My problem is that Nero 6 doesn’t properly recognize the media. In Disc Info, Nero says: “Blank ML-R / Total capacity: 0 MB”, and refuses to write to it. I’ve upgraded my drive firmware; no luck.

Here’s what I have:[ul]
[li] Nero Express 6 (Burning Rom
[/li][li] Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170A – FW: 1.04 official
[/li][li] Windows XP SP2[/ul]I have Memorex DVD+R DL media that works fine. What’s my problem? Do I need a newer Nero product? (I can provide more info if needed.)


What does Nero CD-DVD Speed or DVD Identifier say? Have you tried another burning software like IMGBurn or Deep Burner?

Your problem is that [B]your burner[/B] doesnt recognize that DVD-R DL media.

Update the burners firmware or use MCSE.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’m a little embarrassed to say I’m in the midst of a move and may not be able to try them soon, but I will try them. I hadn’t thought of trying free burner software as an alternative to Nero; that’s my best bet, I think. As I said in my first post, I’ve already upgraded my firmware to the most recent official version – and the RITEKP01 formulation is a couple of years old now. I’ll try some different/newer burning software, and if that fails, I’ll try not to “brick” my drive with MCSE.


Thanks folks. ImgBurn successfully recognizes the media and writes to it. Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily mean I can create error-free media – and so far I haven’t – but I guess I can chalk that up to lousy media.