Nero only reconizes DVD's

i didd the 51 firmware upgrade/patch and nowi can’t burn cd’s only DVD’s.
my drive doesn’t even ssee the cd :frowning:

any will be apperciated

Did it work before the upgrade? Have there been other system changes like a new driver for the drive. Sometimes you have to tell Nero what drive you have by doing a drive test. Lastly, check the device settings for that drive just incase there’s errors reported.

If that none of this helps try going to and download a newer copy of NERO. Good luck.

Or, you could try .

Firmware updates can fuck your drive. You may need to take it back to your retailer for an exchange if it is in your warranty.

yes it worked before the upgrade, there’s been no other system changes, no errors in the device settings for that drive and i’ve tried new & old versions of Nero with no change :frowning:

is there a way to start all over, put it back to 451s?


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Acoding to the CDfreaks rulebook, page 105 the answer is obvious - try using Nero6 and memorex DVDs,