Nero on Vista

Echo the above. I bought Nero 7 Ultra (for $20 at Fry’s after the rebate - woot!) and have run it on Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I’m using v7.8.5.0 and it’s very, very nice and fast. Super-happy. I also don’t use scout and media player programs. Burned backups with BackItUp, regular data/video DVD’s with my LiteOn and NEC, and lightscribe dvd graphics - all perfect.

I was using Nero 6 OEM suite 3 on Vista 32 and it was also flawless.

On Vista Ultimate 64 or 32, I have found that you definitely DON’T want to have Nero registered as your handler for mpeg - and probably most other - media types. For mpeg/mpg, it will screw up your DreamScenes from working since it’ll try to use nero’s decoder (which doesn’t work for DreamScenes and it’ll just crash).

Additionally, for some reason, when using Nero ProductSetup/built-in updater, I got two installed copies of Nero registered, and the thing started burning coasters all over the place. I uninstalled both versions, ran the cleaner as described above in this thread, and re-installed the stock and it’s perfect ever since.

So install away, but don’t let it register for the movie types. :slight_smile: