Nero on Vista

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had successfully installed Nero7 on Windows Vista?
I have tried 3 different versions (7.0.something,, and and they all crash during the install. I have deactivated User Account Control, I have run them in Compatibility mode for XP SP2, i have made sure they have full access to the drive, everything I can think of. I know for a fact that Nero works in Vista, as it worked fine when i upgrade install from xp, however in a clean install, it doesn’t install. It just hangs in the middle, Vista tells me that the installer stopped working, and i get an error message about Unregistering ComEx.
I find it a little strange that I am having trouble installing Nero, as there was next to no trouble getting DT to work (and if any prog was going to have trouble running, i would expect it to be DT). P.S. if anyone has a workaround for Alcohol, I would certainly love to hear that too, but Nero is a priority atm.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There are two version of Vista Bata2, one 32 bite and another 64 bite version, if you install Nero 7 which is 32 bite compatible in Vista 64 it won’t work but if you have Vista 32 version installed, then Nero 7 will install and work almost %80 of the time.

Yeah, I have the 32-bit version installed, and no luck, what can I do to make it do what it’s told? It installed and worked fine on this same computer in xp, but no luck at the moment.

Does anyone who initially had dificulty installing it like I do have any suggestions as per what to do?

Nero 6 installed OK on 32-bit here.

Nero 7 gave me a special Vista incompatability message when I tried to install the latest version. It seems to me Nero has enough problems trying to run correctly in XP, and since they seem to advise against installing it on Vista, I would have to agree.

I had installed the 64 bit Vista and successfully running Nero Ultra 7. The performance of Nero on Vista is extremely outstanding. I ran two sessions of nero buring two 4 GB data onto two blank discs. The two processess ran in parallel, and the cpu utilization was only below 21%. I am using the Core 2 Duo 6600 Intel CPU for testing.

If you have got away from incompatibility of Nero with Vista 64 bit very soon you are going to face the problem. Nero Rep. has said it much time that Nero @ its status now is not compatible with Vista and should not be used in conjunction with new Windows.

Yup, I am expecting that to happen. Its a matter of “when”. Hope things get better with RC-1.

how did you deactivate User Account Control??

Did it really have anything to do with being Vista or being 64 bit OS? Perhaps only because of the powerful processor.

Vista sounds like a hassle. Might have to do a dual boot until the apps get caught up.

Well i hope the nero people make nero compatible with vista, it is a great program.
The software is the best for burning i’ve seen so far.
So hope they make it compatible with vista before vista goes to manufacturing sometime in october.

Answer to soliditalstud:
You clik your acount picture (the picture at the top) in the start menu and go to “Turn User Control Acound On or Off” and turn it off and then just do a restart and your set.

Confirmed working method!

Use Nero on Vista RC1 (Build 5600) w/ AnyDVD and DVDShrink 3.12
-~- You just have to rip to ISO then manually burn in Nero. - Thats all! -~-

Newbs, see my last post in this thread for directions:

  1. Open Administrative Tools in Control Panel

  2. Double-click on System Configuration

  3. Click Continue to accept the UAC prompt

  4. Select the Tools tab

  5. Scroll down and select Disable UAC

  6. Click Launch

  7. Reboot your machine

Here’s some good info on UAC.

Alcohol is good but I use this free DVD/CD burning util: on my vista install and it works 110%

Hope that helps a bit.

Guys, got this e-mail from Nero, I followed their instructions and it worked for me:

thank you for your e-mail and your interest in our software.

Please delete all Nero 7 applications off of your system using our
special Nero 7 CleanTool.
First make sure you have your Nero 7 serial number. You will need it to
install Nero/NeroExpress.

Launch Nero StartSmart and open the Nero ProductCenter by clicking
on the “Nero” logo in the upper left corner.
Select the “Serial Numbers” tab to view your serial number.

Alternatively, you can also find your serial number as follows:
Open the Registry by clicking on “Start” in Windows, clicking on “Run”,
entering “regedit” in the text field, and confirming with “OK”.

Now select the path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info
Double-click on the “serial7” entry.
Your serial number can be found at this location.

The serial number is structured as follows:
Retailversion: 1Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-…
Nero Essentials: 4Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-…

When you have your serial number, proceed to download the Nero 7
CleanTool using the following link:
Save this file to your Desktop.
Unzip the CleanTool with WinZip or WinRar and double-click on the .exe
Reboot your system when the CleanTool has finished.
The Registry will have been cleaned and all Nero entries removed.

After this process has been completed, download and install the latest
Nero 7 version from our website using the following link:

Enter your Nero 7 serial number to make your Nero into a permanent
version. (The download without a serial number is a trial version only).

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact
us again.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum and thank you for sharing this information with all of us member I am sure every one will be interested to read and know this.

I can verify that Nero6, which I received with my Sony DVD RW Model DRU-820A, works fine with Vista 64 by installing only Nero6 Express.

Nero6 Express is what you need to burn Audio CDs (as well as other data types). Vista complains upon install that there are known compatibility issues. If you click on check for a solution, Vista will direct you to the Nero website where they want $$ for upgrade. So just click continue and ignore the warning. As previous posts suggest, I did not try to install Nero Start Smart so can’t verify that it doesn’t work.

Every time the program starts you get a warning of compatibility issues, simply ignore and click Continue. When you exit the program it complains “Nero Burning ROM has stopped working”. Just exit the warning. Burned only one audio CD but it worked fine for me.

Can anyone tell me why Vista 64 explorer will not allow you to erase a rewritable? I’m using Nero6 Express to erase and it works fine for this as well.

I’m running v7.8.5.0 on Vista Business 32bit (at office), no problems here… course I prefer to keep control of my machine so media home and scout are not installed. I have really enjoyed Nero over the years… but I can categorize and search for my own media thanks.

Oh, Back It Up is installed, but I use GHOST over a network… so it has not been tested with my Vista install.


i didn’t read the rest of the thread, but I have Nero 7.10.10 Ultra Edition installed on Vista Ultimate x64 and have had ZERO problems with it. NONE AT ALL! It installed perfect with no errors and burns fast as hell with no errors.

So maybe try that version.

Again, I didn’t read ALL the posts…so if it’s been taken care of i’m sorry and ignore this thread.!