Nero on the fly - slow burn

Recently, when using on the fly to copy DVD’s, they only burn at 2.4x, while the media used are Ritek 8x media. When I burn an image, then burn a copy, then 8x works.

I have flashed my Lite-on 167t to disable riplock. My burner is the NEC 2500 (I just ordered a 3500 though) with Herrie’s hacked fiormware. Had same issue with stock 1.07 firmware. Seems to only happen with cetrian DVD movies.

Any insight?


I’ve narrowed down the problem to the fact that for some reason, some movies will not rip quicly -they take like 39 minutes, even with Code Guys verson of the firmware. On my 2500a NEC, only 10 minutes are shaved off.

Any tips would be appreciated, as well as any insight as to why some movies simply rip thus slowly.