Nero - OEM Version?

I just picked up a Cendyne/LiteON 48246S and it came with a copy of Nero. I installed it and it’s ver. On the disc it says “OEM Version” and Explorer says 5592_Bundled


  1. Is this any different from a regular version?
  2. Can I update it for free?
  3. Would I be happier if I switched to Nero Express from EZCD 5.0 Platinum? (I mostly do just general burning, nothing too elaborate)

BTW, I was expecting to get a 48125W, bonus time!

  1. Only in the aspect of multi-burner support. It’s identical to the retail in all other aspects.
  2. Yep.
  3. I prefer any Nero stuff over EZCD, but that’s my personal opinion.

Thanks for the quick response!

The only two reasons why I use EZCD instead are:

  1. It’s more user friendly for just burning data files. But Nero Express looks kinda nice.
  2. I tried installing Nero with my old 2x Memorex (which is what I just now replaced) and it would freeze when it was detecting or something like that. At the time, the solution was to disable DMA which I wasn’t thinking correctly and I thought I would have to do it for all my IDE channels, dumb of me. :o So I was frustrated and didn’t use it.

Yeah, I’m not super-impressed with EZCD either. Once I burned an audio CD from mp3s and let it convert them, a couple tracks were messed up. I converted them myself and it was fine. That was ver. 4.0

If you take a littel time to learn Nero, (not Nero Express), you’ll grow to like it. Lots of neat stuff in there!

I’ll give it a whirl!

In the past, I’ve read many things about how installing both EZCD and Nero cause problems. I’ll uninstall EZCD first, but is there anything else I should do before I put Nero on?

Read the manual? :bigsmile:

The Nero manual is on the CD in PDF format.

I guess that would work! I just get so used to manuals not telling you much, but the Nero manual is different!