Nero OEM version - FLAC files and cd text questions



I bought an OEM version of Nero Suite - I believe I’ve upgraded to 6.6…something - the latest version.

Nero Express 6…something

  1. One of the reasons I bought it was I have a lot of live bootleg concerts and the cd text was not showing up on cds I burned with my other 5 CD burning programs. I’m still having the same problem with this in Nero - I fill in all the info in Properties - but when I try to play the cd back using Musicmatch or other any other music program I have - the cd text is nowhere to be found…not even the name of the cd or artist - let alone the individual track info.

  2. Someone told me you should be able to burn FLAC files to cd with the program I have. Whenever I open a file containing FLAC files, nothing shows up for me to +ADD to the CD. AFAIK, my program should have this. I tried to download a pluggin and after I unzipped it - Nero won’t open the file. I’ve looked at all the adjustments in Nero Express and I can’t find anything about file types to be added, used, etc.

Thanks in advanced for any help. I’ve spent hours trying to fix the cd text and I’ve almost given up.


bumping this up - anyone have any ideas? :bow:


The FLAC plugin may be what is needed


That’s the pluggin I tried to download and install and Nero wouldn’t recognize the file - any suggestions - perhaps I’m doing something wrong?


Check the procedure, it’s different between Nero 5 and nero 6 - I hope they didn’t move the directory again in 6.6