Nero - OEM Suite Version 6.6 aka (Bundled)

“For DVD-Rewriters Only”

– “CD Kit Contains :”
“* DOS Driver”
“* Nero Express 6.6”
– “INCD 4.”
– “Nero Vision Express 3.”
– “Nero Backitup.”
– “Mpeg-2 SVCD/DVD Plug-in”
“* DVD-Rewritable drive Manual”
“* Acrobat reader”

Could some one tell Me what works and does not actually work with this
Oem Suite bundled version that came with the purchase of a
Lite-on SHW160P6S05 unit ?

Usage might be : Burn Vcd, Svcd, Data backups, DVD -R / +RW,
dvd video, dvd udf larger data back ups.

What I would not want to see is this version says you must logon
so Xyz website and buy a license for this that and the other thing
that the suite has program options for.

What’s instore if I install this on a new machine ?