Nero OEM Suite 3 and Wave Editor2

I hope that I am posting this in the correct forum. I am somewhat of a
newbee but since this is about Nero I thought that I should post here.

I installed a DVD burner in my computer and after I installed the OEM
Nero Suite 3 I found that Wave Editor 2 was not included. I previously
had OEM Nero Version 5…? (I don’t remember the complete version

I found when examining the contents of the Nero Suite 3 disc a Wave
Editor 2 folder that contains WaveEdit.exe, DXEnum.exe, PDF and
help files for Wave Editor 2 in various languages, and a bunch of other

IF I run the WaveEdit.exe will I get Wave Editor 2 ?
What is DXEnum.exe ?

Has anyone tried to run either of these .exe files? If you did ,what
happened? There must be a reason that it is included on the disc.

Is it possible to install or run the Wave Editor from the OEM Nero
Version 5 .? Assuming that it is possible to install Wave Editor 2 or
the one from Nero 5 how do I go about doing it?