Nero OEM Problems

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If I posted this in the wrong place, I am sorry for that. I have nero 6.6 oem that came bundled with my Sony DRU-720A. I cannot use it to burn data cd`s. When I go to burn it does not support my cd-rw and states that I need the full version. It does this with Nero burning rom SE. I have two drives the cd-rw and the dvd-rw. Any thoughts or pointers.
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I had the opposite problem, two years ago I purchased a Nec DVD\CD burner that came with Easy CD Creator. It would burn fine to DVD’s but whenever I tried to burn CD-R or CD-RW’s all I would get is coasters. A couple of weeks ago I installed an OEM version of Nero Ultra burning software and I’m now able to burn CD’s.

Install last firmware and the last Nero and check again.

I have the newest firmware installed from Sony. I got it last week. Where do I get
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The version of Nero you have is tied to your DVD burner. It won’t work with your CD burner. You’ll either have to burn CDs with the DVD burner or shell out for the full version of Nero.


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I apperciate that info. I will have to pay 55.99 to get the full version. I did not know I could burn cd`s with my dvd burner. The problem I am running into now, is that I cannot figure out how to set up a burn on a dvdrw or cdrw that is not read only. I want to take about 1 gig of pics off the hardrive, put the folder on disc and be able to use my Photo Shop and Jasc Paint Shop to work on the photos and images and then be able to save them to the disc. When trying to save to the cdrw or dvdrw it will not becase it says it is read only.
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P.S In Nero burning rom the folder I want to burn is not a supported file format, so i cannot burn from there and in Nero Express it does not let me do a multi session.

You need to format the RW with InCD. Then you can use it like a big floppy. Many people will warn you to stay away from InCD, but it works well for me. Just make sure you have backup copies of the data on your HD or a CD-R, DVD-R, or DVD+R.


I you can burn DVD with Nero and your DVD burner, you can burn CD.
There is no separate licence.

In your case, I think that Nero 6.6 out of the box didn’t support totaly your burner and need a patch for instance, that you can download on > update.

It says read only because you can’t just move things to a DVD/CD like you would another harddrive, unless you use something like INCD. Otherwise you have to use Nero to reburn/add anything to the DVD/CD RW.

Don’t pay the full price without checking…

It also tells you how to find the OEM serial number - yes, OEM to full 6.x is a discounted upgrade
You may get a 30% discount - not sure where else the upgrade offer is valid for!


The software (oem) only works with the Sony DRU-720A recorder which allows to burn to both CDR and CD-RW media and DVD’s. Open the Nero Start and select the CD Tab located in the upper right hand or click on the drop down window at the top of Nero StartSmart and select CD and proceed to Data>Make Data Disc>add your files>Next>Burn.

As for your other recorder there is a discount price to upgrade to the retail version which another member posted below. You can retrieve your Nero 6 serial number from
the StartSmart>click on ‘Nero’ upper left hand corner ‘Nero Product Center’ select the
Tab-serial number.