Nero OEM only for 1 burner

About a year ago I bought a Sony 810a, which came with Nero 6 OEM software. It included Recode 2 which I use all the time to compress movies from dvd9 to dvd5. Everything worked great. Now I bought a Pioneer 111d oem as a backup, but Nero will not let me do some functions on this drive. Is there any way to change this setting without upgradeing to Nero 7. All I need is Recode2 and some burning functions. Nero does not sell just Recode2 and I don’t need most features in Nero 7.


Some OEM packages are indeed set for a specific drive. Get you going and then what happens-you want the thing for a different drive. If you need the specific function it may be that there is ‘freeware’ available to replace it.

What happens if you have 2 drives with the same Nero software. Could I run 2 Nero software made for each drive on the same computer? I might buy an Asus 1612BL (box) with Nero software.

If I remember correctly; when you get NERO OEM with a drive where the software is tied to the specific drive you can use it with any drive you have installed. I used a version of Nero 6 OEM that came with a Sony Drive a few years back and could only install that version of Nero after the drive was installed; the software install looked for the bundled drive.

Maybe someone with later experiences with the OEM versions can shed more light on this for you.

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Many OEM Nero versions were tied to the specific burner they were supplied with and there’s little you can do about that.

You might be able to upgrade to a later Nero version , the last being or & get away with it. Alternatively Nero 6 is widely available on ebay at giveaway prices.

There are many other options open to you amongst the best of the freebies would be ImgBurn & CDBurnerXP Pro.

These will burn most things & will work with any CD or DVD burner.

BTW the Pio 111D is a fine burner.

A while back Nero 6 OEM Suite 3 for $4.99 with “free shipping” at Surplus The price is still on it seems at the link below… You will note however that it says that “this product is sold with hardware purchase only” Well…I thought I’d try it without and ordered it along with another software package (Publisher’s 3-Pak (Roxio EZ CD 6, Photosuite 5, PowerDVD 4…for $2.99). I placed the order for both…and did get a confirmation of the order for both with no inference to the “Hardware” requirement for Nero. The order was placed on teh 27th…I have yet to hear from that the items have shipped, but site says 2 days processing, 4 days for shipping notification…so still within realm of normal processing times…Oh yes…shipping for both packages was $6.91…

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