Nero oem (help)

quick question - what’s the best version or edition of all the $4 oem nero’s to buy? 6.3, 6.0, 5.5?

@ tterris
depends on what you are looking to do and what you have…usually the newest is the best and most upgradeable.

If you buy a 6.x, you can update it to 6.3 / 6.6 - To be sure of supporting modern drives, you need a version 6 - for robust reliability with older drives, 5.5 may serve you better at the moment - they’re still kicking version 6 through too many bugs.

I’d choose the 6, and hope it matures soon.
Suite 3 has more depth than Suite 1 - suite 1 lacks DVD encoding, so in essence, Suite 1 is the CD version (usable for data and pre-encoded DVD video on DVD), while suite 3 is for DVD writers.