Nero OEM bundled with NEC 3550A - Serial number missing




I just purchased a Nec 3550A at Best Buy. It comes with a Nero OEM suite CD in a blank sleeve.
I looked for the serial number everywhere but couldn’t find it.
I checked Nero web site which say that for some bundles, you just need to install the software as the serial is set during the install.
I tried that but it s not working as the serial number is asked.
I phoned NEC which told me that the serial should be on the CD sleeve, but it s not there. So they referred me to Nero.
I have send an email to Nero 2 days ago and still no answer (except the electronic confirmation they received the email).

Has anybody experienced the same thing and got it solved ?
How long does it usually takes to the Nero support to answer ?

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Usually the serial N° is not asked when nero OEM it got with a new drive … unless the store made a mistake and gave you the wrong CD!!!
If you know someone else who have a NEC with an OEM version of Nero, use his cd …
As a hint, NERO OEM for liteon also works with NEC!!!


The CD is labelled NERO OEM suite.
On the back I can read 2001-AN OEM V6.7 NEC(CD#8024).

Unfortunately I don’t know anyone that could provide me an equivalent CD.



Go back to the shop and ask for an exchange. Either that or take a very close look at the rim of the disc it might be there, it is usually small and you may not see it just by looking casually.


I bought the same NEC burner from Fry’s Electrinics and the same thing happened - no love at all. I’m taking it back this afternoon and getting a Panasonic writer. Nero blows!


you’re returning your burner that you bought because you got a bad nero disc?


I have a whole drawer full of OEM Nero discs that came with drives, mostly all Nero 6.3 or 6.6xxxxx. They are only partly functional. I bought the Nero Ultra Suite so I could take full advantage of the program. The oem discs are next to useless.


exactly. the nero disc has no bearing on the burner, and in my opinion there are free programs that are way better than nero.

if people are purchasing burners in hopes of getting a fully functional copy of nero, they’re going to be very disappointed once they get it installed and find that they can’t use half the features of the nero ultra or nero premium suite.


sorry, wrong thread.


All you have to do take the drive back to BB and exchange it with another drive. Retail drive or even OEM drive always come with Nero CD as bundle with serial nuber embadded in the software.


I finally got an answer from my email to Nero.
They asked for pictures of the CD and the invoice and they sent me a serial number.
I also went back t fry’s and opened another Nec 3550A box.
The serial # was very different and in that case, the Nero CD sleeve had the code printed on its back.
So since I m not the only one with the issue, I guess there is a batch of bad CD sleeve out there…



i’m glad you never changed your burner just because of the nero serial number, as i think the NEC could be the better burner :cool: