(Nero OEM MPEG-4 Playback Issues

I’ve just burnt a collection of MPEG-4 files to a DVD as a data disc with each of the 22 files in a seperate folder as I’ve found when I leave any video files in the root folder it will only play the first one.

The problem I’m having is that when I come to play the disc, even though the disc loads the folders correctly the folders are empty. I know my player is mpeg-4 compatabileand I lknow that if the files whre unplayabe due to an uksupported codec they’d still display as i’ve come across that problem befoer as well.

Can anyone offer any suggetions a to what to do if so thanking you very muchly.

Edit Additionaly when I put the disc back in my dvd drive o try plauying the episodes on the computer the disc appereared as empty.