Nero OEM won't burn dvd's

CAn anyone help me?..I am new here and I bought a new computer last week. A friend of mine was teaching me how to burn dvd’s data cd’s etc. But everytime I put a dvd, or cd in my burner does not recognize it. I was told that I may need a crack but I’m not sure what to do…Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks Shirley

If you need a crack we can’t help you as that means you are not using a legit version of the software. More info is needed, your system specs, drives make and model etc.

If you are using a legit version of Nero, then there is an update available for Nero 6.6.x.x which may help also. :slight_smile:

First things first, Nero has to recognize your burner. Look under -Recorder settings- in Nero and select your burner.

Also updating Nero, as suggested by Arachne, is well worth thinking about…

Also how do you know that the burner isn’t recognising the discs? Take us step-by-step through the process you are doing to set up a burn and any messages you get if it does not burn.