Nero not working

i have complete nero and it is not transcoding properly anymore evn tho it says it is and when you copy dvd on start smart its sticking on the lower percentages and taking twice as long
i have removed and installed again numerous times using neros tools and there is still no joy any ideas off some one
or a new freeware programme that is just as simple to use can be suggested pls :bow:

Hey jaepsmate,

First off, welcome :clap: to our fourm. I dont ues nero much so i dont really know but if u are looking a a software that can shrink a 8.5gb dvd to a 4.7gb dvd i think DVD Shrink can help u with it.

best regards,


Upgrade to the latest version? When using DVD Shrink you can ouput to .iso file and burn with Shrink, no need for Nero.

zazonz, u cant really burn with shrink unless there is another program like DVD Decrypter installed. You can burn with DVD Shrink but then u wont have the iso file.

Don’t you mean burn with Decrypter???:confused: Never have seen a burn funtion in Shrink. You can Google Decrypter and still find mirror sites that still have it. At least there was last week .