Nero not showing my new drive

I’ve just purchased my first DVD Burner having used CD-RW’s before without any problems. But now when I run Nero (I believe it is but my PC with it on is running a memory test at the moment) as a regular user nero cannot find my DVD Burner (master secondary), it finds my Plextor CD-RW okay like it has always done, which is on the slave Primary channel. Nero was already installed before I got the DVD Burner and I am using the nVidia nForce IDE drivers 2.7. It finds the drive okay when I run Nero as the administrator (which is a bit inconvenient) and I have tried running burning rights again just incase that would make a difference but that made no difference. Does anyone have any idea why this is? I will add that Windows XP was only installed less than a week ago.


Depending on the model burner,I would update Nero to version.

It’s the NEC 3520, it does allow me to select the drive if Nero is run as Admin which is the strange thing, my Plextor CD-RW is available at all times.


when nero releases new updates they always add more burners to their database in the update(3520 is a fairly new model).Try uninstalling the drive from device manager(hardware manager) and then restart,see what that does.If nothing else,I would uninstall nero and start from scratch.

That seems to have done the trick :smiley: I can select the NEC drive now after removing the drive and rebooting. Many thanks all solved and well done.


your welcome.