Nero not putting tracks in order i choose

Greetings. !!
I’m new to the forums and like to say hellp to you all !

I try to add tracks in the order they should, yet for some reason nero keeps changing the order at its own accord. This is really annoying when your trying to keep to the albums original track listing.

If anyone has any idea what is causing this, or how to fix it, i would be extremely grateful.

Please look at the following thread which was recently posted as it addresses your question. There are different answers and creative suggestions (renaming titles).

Also, I am going to go out on a limb and restate my earlier response as there is a difference of opinion (either that or I have a haunted copy of Nero. I’m uisng Nero Ultra 7 and I am burning with Nero Express 7).

I just placed placed three tracks in a folder and I named the tracks #1.mp3, #2.mp3 and #3.mp3. I also went to properties of each track and made sure the titles were changed there as well.

I added the three tracks to my project and then I clicked/dragged so the order was changed to #2.mp3, #3.mp3 and #1.mp3. Then, I burned the CD.

[B]When I played the CD, the automatic order of play was #2, #3 and #1.[/B]

I have been doing this with previous versions of Nero as well for all my Audio CD’s. I simply add all the files I want and then drag to the order of play I want.

Wow, thanks for the response.
Nero seems simple enough, but acutally using it is a totally different matter :wink:
Will definately try what you suggested, see if it fixes the problem.
Once again, thanks. :-))

I just duplicated what I did earlier but this time, I used CDA format (just to see if there was a difference between MP3 or CDA - with Nero, who knows!). There was no difference with CDA. I was able to change the order but the display was weird and I believe this is where people may be getting confused.

On the CDA project, every track was labeled by a number (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and no matter what I did, no matter how many times, I clicked & dragged, the numbered order remained. There was no way I could get the numbers to show in any order other than ascending. [B]However, the actual song associated with the numbered track changed so that I was actually changing the song/track number association. Track 1 was still labeled Track 1 but there was a different tune linked with it.[/B]

I prefer the above explanation to the possibility that my Nero is haunted.


Just been trying this with & I agree with what you’re saying for Audio CDs. However, for MP3 CD/DVDs Nero keeps them in alphabetic order regardless.

I did make two Audio CDs (one with CDA frormat and one with MP3) and I was still able to change the order by clicking and dragging.

Just to confirm what I did, I played the MP3 audio CD in a stand-alone player and [B]it did play in the rearranged order[/B]. Even though I used MP3 format, it was authored as an Audio CD and I’m confident that is what it was because my player will not play data CDs.

I’ve tried several different ways to see if I could be prevented from rearranging an Audio CD in Nero and I am always able to do it.

TimC: However, for MP3 CD/DVDs Nero keeps them in alphabetic order regardless.

Try making an Audio CD using MP3 format.

That’s what I did & yes it works fine, this whole discussion is really about MP3 CD/DVDs not Audio CDs. It’s really doesn’t matter what the source format , just what the output disc type is (MP3 or Audio)

I’m a shop teacher and for years, I’ve been compiling CDs for background music (it soothes my students). I noticed recently a number of postings about an inability to rearrange tracks in Nero and it puzzled me. I’ll save this thread and when it comes up again, I’ll refer to it if I catch it.

Thanks for helping to work this out - I appreciate it.

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For Audio CDs Nero can re-order them. MP3 CDs are data and get alphabetized.