Nero not burning .cue to DVD-R

Hiya, very new to all this DVD burning lark!!!

I have downloaded a .cue and .bin file of a movie, and when I go into Nero Burning ROM and try and burn it onto a DVD -R disc it tells me that it cannot do it, but can only do it to a CDR/RW disc.

However (obviously) the file is too large for the CDR discs??

How can i get this file onto DVD, where is the problem lying???

Thanks for any help

cue/bin is an unsupported imageformat on dvd.
The data mode (probably mode 1 2352 bytes)that is used to create the cue/bin file,is non-existant for dvd,since a blank dvd has no extra storage bytes for raw or subchannel data.
The only possible way,is by mounting your cue/bin in a virtual drive,for example DaemonTools,and create a disc copy from that virtual drive to your burner.
Of course you can try to convert your cue/bin to an .iso,but there’s always a chance that the conversion messes things up,if there’s any additional info stored on the image…

PS:Hope that you were legally allowed to download that movie…

I’d simply extract the contects of the BIN file with ISOBuster (or UltraISO) and then burn them to dvdr with whatever burning software your using.

When you say it’s too large for a Cd-R, just how big is it. You can burn an 800mb bin file to a 700mb CD-R.
Alternatively get DVD Decrypter which will burn it to DVD media , as it does conversion on the fly. And it still works.

Just for clarification…this is only way for burning the cue/bin directly,ie:if you don’t want to convert or extract it… :wink:

No, as I said DVD Decrypter should do it. I’ve burned a CD bin file to DVD by this method and it worked fine.
I do suspect that the bin file is over 700mb but no more than 800mb which will fit an 80min(700mb) CD.