Nero not adding to project



After burning about 5 DVD succesfully with Nero Express 6.0.8. I now find when I try and add a short movie to a project nero just freezes and I have to use Windows task manager to stop Nero. I have updated to the latest version and I am still having the same problem. I have a feeling the problem might be to do with the last Windows update. I am running Nero on XP pro.


Nero has had some issues with being a little buggy in the past and a windows update could cause issues. Nero might also be having problems with that particular file and it is not related to the update. I would try to use nero with another video file (maybe something that you have already done before that you know worked). You don’t have to actually burn it, just see if it can add it and sucesfully transcode it. If it doesn’t work then it might be the update that caused it. I would try seeing on nero’s site if their is a patch or a newer update. In some cases people actually change back to an older version and it fixes it. If it does work ok with a known good file, then I would say that nero is having an issue with the file. I that case, what kind of file is it and have you already done that kind of file before? You may not have the corect codex installed.


I had the same problem, done about 20 with no problem but just couldn’t get this one file to work, rather than start messing around with things which work 98% of the time I decided to use a different prog just for the failure, I tryed system restore, just in case something got into the system but made no difference.


Check POST under “NVE 3110d”…
Fix is there…