Nero - No Option for Mode or Track at once

I noticed a few versions ago that my Plextor 708a suddenly had the options for DVD ISO MODE and TRACK AT ONCE grayed out. I’ve since had to do a fresh install and same thing. I did upgrade the firmware awhile back, could this be the cause or is this just something new for Nero ?

I usually burn and finalize anyway, but thought it was strange not to have the option anymore

I currently have the exact same problem. (Using Nero version at the moment.)

Just to clarify the issue for others: on the ISO tab for a New Compilation, the drop-down box for Data Mode is grayed out and non-selectable (the option is locked at Mode 1.) And on the Burn tab, the drop-down box for Write Method is grayed out (the option is locked at Disk-at-once.) This is only the case for DVD compilations; CD compilations still work fine.

In my case, the firmware has been the same for a long time, so I doubt that’s involved. The drive’s a Nu Tech DDW-082 by the way.

I need to burn some multi-session DVD’s and can’t anymore, so I’m actively working on fixing this. Going to try going back to an older version of Nero and see if that helps. Will post my results…

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You can not use Track at once on DVDs, its not compatible with the format. Hence only disk at once is available (and therefore grayed out). This method is used for making multisesions DVDs also.