Nero: No burn option

I have Nero and although it works perfectly with DVD Shrink when I try to burn a .vob file or any other type of video file the ‘BURN’ option is shaded out. Why? :confused:

I seem to remember reading somewhere in one of the recent posts that the Nero version you’re using doesn’t support Shrink’s direct-burn feature. You’ll either have to down grade to a slightly earlier version or do the burns manually. That means, let Shrink do its stuff and send the converted files to a folder, instead of the disk option, then start Nero, select “Make a Dvd” from the options list, find the folder where Shrink stored the files. Then you can burn away to your heart’s content.

When I use Nero in conjunction with DVD Shrink Nero will burn, it’s when I try to burn any other video file the BURN option is closed. :rolleyes:

What for other video files?

Might be a silly question, but do you have the correct option selected … aka you have DVD video Disc, not Video CD or similar?

Another silly question. Have you selected the correct burner in Nero (Choose Recorder option)?

Do you have BurnRights installed? Are you the admin on your machine?