Nero Newbie Question



I do not know much about using Nero so I am in need of help.

Many people speak of how they use Nero to bypass Securerom and other copy right protections to create a CD that will work. How come I can’t figure out how to do this at all. Nowhere on Nero is there any options about Securerom, etc that I can find.

Could someone help me out? Thanks.

btw this is to make a back up CD not piracy.


u can’t use nero to bypass securom, u need a program like blindwrite.


Actually Nero isn’t the best program to use as far as bypassing protection schemes is concerned. I d like to speak with those people too and see how they use it, i might learn something :rolleyes: :wink:

As AZImmortal suggested already, there are different proggies that can help you BlindWrite being one of them. You can also check out Alcohol and CloneCD plus a bunch of others. Check out the Recording Software forum a bit :wink: