Nero Newbie has "burning" question



I have Nero version

I just finished reading the whole thread entitled “Setting up a DVD compilation in Nero.”

The first post, with its step-by-step pictorial instructions is awesome. And, then I reviewed the remainder of the thread. Now, I am completely afraid to use Nero to burn my mpegs into DVDs. Way too intimidating for a simpleton like myself.

I also read the Nero manual. Enough said. (Nero needs to hire the individual who authored the first post in this thread to write their manual.)

Can anyone recommend a burning program for a newbie who wants simple user interface that does not require a computer-science degree (actually, Nero looks really simple which is one reason I liked it) ? :confused:

Thanks so much!


You know what : give it a try anyway.
I had no experience whatsoever when I started making such compilations.
I found Nero to be quite intuitive to me.
Success !!!


Did you follow the steps in the tutorial posted by G@M3FR3@K? What did you use to figure out how to burn a DVD? (my files are mpeg from Studio 9 video editing software) :confused:

My video-editing software is complex enough. I was hoping the burning would be the easy part.


Okay, I am trying to use Nero. I get a message when I go to move my DVD.mpg file into the Nero “video_ts” folder. It tells me that it may not be a “compiant DVD-video file” and then it suggests that I use NeroVision Express to create DVD-Video files from my mpg file.

Not understanding why a major burning program would not read an mpg file as “compliant.” I am not sure how to use NeroVision Express. Read the manual and it told me something about a DVD plug-in for Nero that I need? I do not really need a “plug-in” for this, do I? Am I just reading this wrong?

Help much appreciated. :confused:


It should be very easy, cause the files in a video_ts folder, the video files are vob, bup ifo, this is what Nero want if you’d like to create a DVD Video to play it on a standalone
dvd player, so just start NeroVisionExpress, then select create DVD-Video, add your
mpg files to the current projcect and then you could create menus, chapters etc…
The last step would be converting the files, you can select if you want the files first on
your hdd and then burn with NeroExpress for example or converting and directly burn
with NeroVisionExpress :wink:


If you have a registered version of Nero Reloaded,the plugin is activated…you can tell it by starting up NeroVision Express and hoover your cursor over “making dvd”–>“dvd video”…the message in the NVE screen will tell you if the plugin is activated…

About the “non compliant” mpeg,it could be that yours is a super videocd mpeg,which has a different framerate than dvd compliant mpegs…480X480 frames as svcd,while a compliant dvd mpeg is 720X576 for PAL and 720X480 for NTSC standards…
Can be a reason why Nero is complaining…check your mpeg with GSpot for info…


Quick question: once I burn it onto my hard drive from NeroVision Express, is it automatically converted into a Nero compliant file? (I burned it but there was no “convert” option.)


It worked!!!

I guess NeroVision Express automatically converted it for me!


Thanks for the encouragement and advice! :smiley: