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Nero new version:

Changes from to

new recorders: e.g. recorders with FireWire/1394 interface…

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I’ve upgraded my version of Nero to v5.0.0.9 and it doesn’t seem they’ve fixed the problem, that under circumstances an audio CD could contain only noise instead of for instance music properly. Maybe it’s related to the problems with the Mitsumi burners… I’ve got one myself… :frowning:

Nero works flawlessly on my burner (HP 8200i) but when I check the write CD-Text option, the error - loss of streaming - occurs every single time, regardless of whether or not I adjust the settings. On Adaptec EZCD 4.0 I have no problems, as well as Goldenhawk…why with Nero? Oh, I also tested Nero with a clean reinstall of Windows with no other burning software present, so driver conflict is ruled out. Help-Thanks.

5009 was already released. I have it like a half a month or so…

Everything works fine now with version 5009.
No problems with burning wav files anymore.
I read that a lot of people still have some problems,but can anybody tell me what the real problems are ?
Maybe write in here like problem 1,2,3 etc.
Are there problems everybody should have ? or does the problems always depends on what kind of configuration you have ?

We are working on a Dutch review of Nero V5.X .
You can read it here:
We zijn ee Nederlandse review aan het maken van Nero V5.x
Mensen met ondervinding en problemen kunnen ons helpen…

So, you have problems with Nero burning Audio CD. I am using the same version but not the same Drive and have no problem with burning Audio either on the fly or from the hard drive.
Since you are getting a data disk sound my guessis that some how your sessions are not closing properly.

  1. Have you tried to uninstall the nero and clean the Nero from registry and reinstalling it clean and not on top of

  2. Are you using the latest ASPI drivers designed by nero for Nero?

he all day
i have the 8200i too and i get the same problem!! i have wasted like 20 cds on it too… but its only with music cds that i have experienced it with… hey and is there a firmware update for the 8200i??

Since I use NERO, I can’t burn an Audio CD.
I’d never had this problem before (MITSUMI CR4802-TE)…

The CD plays OK but it sound like DATA disc in Audio player… I tried :

  • burning from WAV files to Image or CD ;
  • copying audio tracks from CD to Image or CD.

The version was supposed to fix this problem… but not.

Hey, weynskarina posted in english too!! I knew you could :wink: Thanks

all right people here is your answer
for audio ripping-audiocatalyst
for audio cd copying or recording:Gear audio 4.2
for cd copy of games ,data-Nero or the other cdr software.

i’ve tested so much software that i now know on the fly which software is used for what.

I finally found the answer to my problem…

I used an old SERIAL for NERO which did accept it and register OK, but the AUDIO recording was scrambled…

I deleted the user info key in the Registry and entered a new one using a NERO keygen, now I a able to record AUDIO CD again…

Well, NERO accepts a lot of keys for registering but this one was good enough to produce coasters…

Hope this info. will help others guys…