Nero Never Completes Burn

I am trying to burn a small set of files to a RW disc (<1MB) and NeroCom never finishes. I know this burn shouldn’t take more then a minute or two.

here is the log output:
Caching of files started
Caching of files completed
Simulation started at 4x (600 KB/s)

My Media Type:


My Burn Flags:

Mynero.NERO_BURN_FLAGS.NERO_BURN_FLAG_DAO <- Tried with and Without

My Burn Options:


Any ideas on why this won’t finish would be of great help.


*After further investigation, I have discovered the Burn never even starts. I have watched the percent complete event, for caching it goes from 0 to 100 and then it logs cache completes and then proceeds to sit there doing nothing except Locking my RW and making windows XP an Unhappy and Ustable Camper.

**I think I may have isolated the exact point of the problem. It seems that the Drive.Subprogress Event is being called in a endless loop. I looked at the docs and it statesm the OnSubTaskProgress Provides the write buffer fill level. Now my question is, How does one fill the Buffer?(mine is set to 2MB for this small example)

An Update, after 15 mins the simulation finished. It added no addtional log input and no Ondone event fired. Dunno if this would help, but I thought i would mention it.


I found the problem. It seems that setting the write buffer to anyhting other then what it inits to causes the infinite burning loop. I guess this might be a big, but since I am using a .Net interop DLL I can’t say for sure.