Nero nero63125.exe-Installer is corrupted?

ok, before SP2 no problems with 6.3120. I go to run it 1st time after XP sp2 installed and I get this BS the the exe has been modified and I might have a virus. Yeah, Xp’s Sp2. I have no virus. NAV2003 scans nightly and realtime is active. So I download the nero63125.exe from and get this…:

Extracting Nero
CRC failed in Nero
Extracting System\NeroCheck.exe
Extracting Nero\NeroCmd.exe
Extracting Nero StartSmart\NeroStartSmart.exe
CRC failed in Nero StartSmart\NeroStartSmart.exe
Extracting Nero\NRESTORE.EXE
CRC failed in Nero\NRESTORE.EXE
Extracting Setup.exe
CRC failed in Setup.exe
Extracting Redist\shfolder.exe
Extracting nero soundtrax\SoundTrax.exe
CRC failed in nero soundtrax\SoundTrax.exe
Extracting Nero Wave Editor\WaveEdit.exe
Extracting WMPBurn\WMPBurn.exe
CRC failed in WMPBurn\WMPBurn.exe
Extracting Nero\CDI\CDI_TEXT.FNT

Hummm, weird. This download came from

So I downloaded the 6.3125 from their site and it extracts with no problem but gives me a “Installer is Corrupt” error" after the package is extracted and all the files have passed a crc check.


Did a chkdsk of my drive. Seems something in the NTFS needed a fix. wasn’t lost clusters. Nero is no longer reporting its .exe has been altered.

Haven’t tried updating it to the 6.3125 version. Burned 5 CD’s with no problems since the chkdsk.

Another update:

Seems I had a marginal stick of 256meg ram that was the real problem. No BSOD’s, no issues with various programs. But QuickPar kept giving me errors when trying to recover files. Then WinRar started giving me CRC errors on things I knew were good.

Moral of the story, If quickpar says you have a “memory fault”… you do! :wink:

Did you use any download accelerator? I used FlashGet and the installer seems OK, but GetRight corrupts the installer.