Nero-need help

Well,I have a new cd-writer and I have Nero 6.0 on my computer.I had some movies I wanted to move on cd’s,so I have more space.I am trying to do that,but the program tells me,that the movie is more than 800 MB(and actual size is 700).And it puts ANY movie on in mpeg format(they are .avi files).I have Win98,maybe that’s the problem?My sister has the same program,but she has no problem recording cd’s.Recording cd’s in another format,this program puts even sub-folders on cd…how can I change that so I can record ANY video?

And another thing-I can’t make mp3 cd’s,why?It’s starting and then after 3-4 minutes tells me there’s an error.Already changed cd’s and all-but not helping.

Thank you very much,I hope anyone can help me.

For the video files, create a data disc, not a VCD or SVCD.

For the MP3 problem, we need to know what the error is.


Ok,I will try that…thank you.
For MP3 it gives me ‘writing error’,nothing else,just after 3-4% already done…I dunno why.

You need to supply more info about your setup:

  • the burner’s manufacturer, model and firmware version
  • operating system version
  • where the burner is connected to (motherboard, extrenal PCI card etc.)
  • the ATIP of the CD-Rs (retrieve with CD/DVD Speed)
  • the template and settings used in Nero

cally1, post the Nero log file for a failed burn (C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroHistory.log). Don’t post the entire file, just the part for a failed burn. Before you post, remove your serial number.


Ok,about questions:

1)It’s Samsung,regular burner,I dunno the version,sorry:(Don’t have it on pages I found.But it’s new,probably one of the newest models.


3)Connected to motherboard

4)I think 32…but I am not sure what you mean

5)what do you mean?It’s Nero 6.3

Dirty,for some reason I do not have the history of the mp3-cd I tried to burn…

Another thing…I have cd’s with 780 MB memory,but Nero says that there’s not enough memory to d/l cd with 740 MB,for example.Why?I bought bigger cd’s to burn bigger ones,but it’s not working…can someone please explain me what to do?

cally1, if you don’t know how to tell what drive you got in your system or use links given to you, you should be posting to Newbies forum.