Nero, Nec3500 and bitsetting




This is my first post although I’ve been reading up on this forum for ages.
Great work all of you firmware-cowboys!

Thing is I’ve only recently upgraded to Nero from an old version and
just saw that I could suddenly change the bitsetting to DVD-rom.
But when I insert a disc that option goes away?!
Does this mean that the official firmware I am using (2.18) locks this option in some way? In that case does anyone know if they will implement this in later firmwares?

Thanks for any answers, I know this might be a ridiculous question…


Here use this. It will make your drive always set to dvd-rom for +r media.

CLICK HERE and scroll down and download the bitsetting tool.


Thanks, I tried it and it works. But do I have to change back and forth? Or can I keep booktype on DVD-rom, even though I am writing a data-CD?


Just set and forget it. :iagree: :bigsmile:


Hi Djed
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With offical NEC firmware you can only set booktype DVD-ROM on DL +R media, not SL +R media. For SL +R media you will need a modified firmware supporting this feature.


Ok, but aren’t u guys/girls contradicting each other here?
SHould I then use the Maddog firmware before using the WinBtype mod or does this one
support auto-bitsetting? I presume that Autobitsetting is preferred because you don’t have to change back and forth, aka there is a problem writing dataCD’s with the booksetting as DVD-rom?

Sorry if this got confusing, it is for me too ; )


thanks if you are still checking out this thread!