Nero nd-3500ag burns at 1.5x only...PLEASE HELP!

my nd-3500ag only writes at 1.5x, yesterday it was fine, now it’s not. what could have happened? any suggestions greatly appreciated.

check DMA settings.

where in the device settings is this? sorry i’m a newbie.

its on the ide ata controller section in device manager right click my computer then properties, i should be UDMA 2 if its not you need to change it as all pc are different i cant say how, but search there is about 20 threads on DMA alone

can’t seem to find anything, :frowning:

What version of windows are you using.

If you use Win 98SE/ME, you have to enable dma under CD/DVD devices and not under ata controller, as KenW suggested.

In Portuguese but maybe will help you

CDfreaks DMA guide.
Also linked in the NEC FAQ at the top of this forum that says Read First:.