Nero: Mysterious case change



Ok If I burn Files/Folders which are all caps, they surprisingly get converted to Sentence case



get burnt as:


I dont know how to 'tell' nero to preserve all CAPS. Couldnt find a setting for Case of filenames :confused:


Try the DIR command on your CD, because Windows Explorer doesn’t like to display file/folder names which are all CAPITAL. You’ll see the real filename in DOS.

It’s not really important because Windows isn’t case sensitive with regards to filenames, so Explorer tries to clean it up a bit for your viewing pleasure. It’s virtually presuming the file has come from an old DOS 8.3 all capital naming scheme.

Which OS are you using? You may have an option in the “Folder Options” to all all capital filenames.


I am using Windows 2000 Professional. The filenames (on my hard drive) show up properly in Explorer. However the burnt files have the case changed to Sentence case. Imagine how it feels if you burnt a folder called BBC and it appears as Bbc - try it out :wink:

This probably looks like a bug in Nero, it may not be a serious one, though.


Mate, I’ve just run off some tests on Nero and I got exactly the results I expected. I’m using Windows XP Pro.

ISO Level 1 (8.3 chars), without Joliet. Obviously the names are stored without case distinction - therefore, they are all capital characters but like I said, Windows (by default) displays all cap filenames a Capital followed by lower case characters. Same applies for Level 2 (31 chars), all caps.

With Joliet, all cases were preserved perfectly. There was no change in any of the filenames, even if they were all capital because Windows knows it has access to a record of the filename where the case is explicitly specified.

I was using ISO 9660 character set for these tests. Do you burn ISO’s with DOS or ASCII characters? Why?

So, we’re back to square one! Give us more info!

P.S. One thing that did surprise me is, out of the 4 test burns, 2 had identical volume serial numbers!!! Can anyone comment on where the ID comes from with a CDRW? I used the same disc for all four tests. I thought it would either be on the ATIP or random.


Well I guess there were two settings for ISO. I changed it, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. Tonite I’ll burn with both the ISO settings and see the difference. Till tomorrow…adios :slight_smile: