Nero Music DVD

I have been trying to make a music DVD with Nero. The compiliation seems to work out just fine and the recording completes. However, the DVD will not play in any stand alone DVD player, and the only way I can get the music to play on my computer is to oopenthe DVD in Windows Explorer and select an individual MP3 file. I can easily make a playable music CD, but wanted more mp3 files available, so that is why I am attempting to make the misid DVD.

Take your avarage “play almost anything” DVD player - CD-R of MP3’s, JPG’s etc… no problem.

DVD-R … DVD formatted material only!

For Music, you’l have to make a DVD-Video with a low video bitrate - If you have the MPEG2 encoder available in Nerovision Express, you may be able to make a custom encoding.

Thanks muchly, I’ll give it a try…