Nero multisession DVD

I want to burn a multisession data DVD using nero 6 & Pioneer A08, but when I try to do this I get this message.

You are about to create a multisession write once DVD disc Session no.2 and above will not be readable with some DVD - ROM drives and operating systems prior Windows XP

How do you want to continue

Burn Multisession Anyway

Burn without Multisession

Now if I click on Burn Multisession Anyway it wont let me add files later to a DVD -R but if I try to burn data to a DVD -RW disc I have no problems at all adding files later.So my question is How do I a create a multisession data DVD -R or do I have to use DVD +R’s instead.

I have same problem seems -r cant b burned multisession so i use +rw all the time.