Nero Multisession burning problem

I just bought the NEC ND-2510A (FW 2.15) yesterday and also bought some DVD-Rs as well. Can someone help me out with some questions below? I’ve tried searching the forum but found no info with direct info on that…

I tried to burn two CD-ROMs’ contents into one DVD-R, one after another. After burning the first CD-Rom’s content into the DVD-R (I used “new multisession”), everything’s fine and I can read the DVD-R normally. Then I restarted Nero and selected “continue multisession” to transfer the second CD-Rom’s content, but instead of showing me the multisessions available for continuing, Nero gave me an error “this disc is not writeable” or something like that". I left all the settings at default when I burnt the first CD-Rom’s content. Was I supposed to change something? I’d like to have a disc that I can keep adding files onto. I’ve used a CD writer previously and multisession works fine with my CD-Rs…

Thanx in advance!

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what version of nero ? i know that in nero 6x i just create multisession data dvd discs by using nero express, add files, then you come to this screen

Sorry wesociety for crossposting. I thought I’d posted this in the wrong forum when i first posted it in the NEC forum. Then I saw this Nero forum, so I thought it’ll be more suitable here. sorry!! And thanx for all the links you added in the NEC forum regarding this topic!

Ghosters, thanx for the info. I used Nero Burning Rom instead of Nero Express in my attempt described above. Will try out Express instead. However, both should work fine right?

Forgot to add on, just before I start burning the new multisession DVD, a message pops up, saying that if I burn with multisession, only certain drives and later versions of Win XP can read those files, and whether I want to continue burning or not…